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About Us

       Parkson Pack Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, specializing in the production and sale of plastic packaging products, paper products. In 2006, Weifang Tengyu Packaging Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in paper bags. Plastic packaging products mainly include HDPE/LDPE vest bags, multi-roll vest bags, flat pockets, flat-mouth roll bags, star-sealed garbage bags, rope-wearing garbage roll bags, C-FOLD garbage roll bags, C-fold, double C-fold, S-fold, Z-fold, fragrance bags, diaper bags, soft handle bags, Page bags, self-sealing bags, gloves, single apron, and even. Roll apron, plastic cloth, vacuum bag, can print 10 colors. According to environmental requirements, we can also make degradable products.
Paper products include fine printed paper bags, cartons, etc. The materials can be white cardboard, white board, kraft paper, stone paper; handle can be cotton rope, PP rope, paper twisting rope, etc. Printing can be done according to customers'requirements! The printing is exquisite and easy to use.