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Environmental protection measures for plastic garbage bags

Release time:2018-08-10 10:00:32
Plastic garbage bags, as the name implies, are bags containing garbage, a small bag, but to thousands of households bring not only great convenience, but also for environmental protection provides an important guarantee, and even conducive to garbage collection and classification. Today let's learn about the environmental protection measures of plastic garbage bags with Wenbo Plastics Co., Ltd. See below.
Refuse classification
In addition to the continuous development of new technologies, consumers can use different color garbage bags to implement garbage sorting storage, can put black kitchen for storage of non-recyclable garbage; living room and study pink for storage of recyclable garbage. In this way, garbage sorting can save money and environmental protection, and can also recycle resources properly.
Technology research and development
The degradable plastic bags on the market only add 10% - 15% of the degradable components, but still 85% - 90% can not be completely degraded, because of the increase of degradable additives, on the contrary, the load-bearing and leak-proof function will decline, increasing consumer wear and tear, to achieve complete degradation is still to be overcome in technology.