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FAQ for disposable gloves?

Release time:2018-08-10 10:00:56
Ordering disposable gloves will encounter the following common problems, let's follow Wenbo Plastics Co., Ltd. to answer the next?
First, what is the packaging method of disposable gloves?
There are plastic bags: 12 bags, 100 bags a box, routine packaging for 100 boxes, extractable, similar to napkin cartons, packed in cartons, 10 boxes a box.
The second question is, what advantages do you have for gloves?
1, prevent oil pollution and impervious;
2, easy to wear and smart.
3, baked by high temperature, can be safe to contact cold and hot food.
Third, can you provide samples?
We can offer a small number of samples free of charge, but if you want a whole box or box of samples we will charge a sample fee according to the circumstances.